Industryplayer - Online Tycoon Game

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Cutting Edge Entertainment for Virtual CEO's! Corporate raiders and hostile take-overs make the cut in this next generation's business simulation. Industryplayer is an intelligently and cleverly crafted business sim, targeting the casual and serious gamer. A quality package offering exciting features draws players into a realistic and challenging world of corporate warfare. Price wars, fierce battles for market dominance, hostile take- overs, dynamic credit ratings, volatile market trends, crippling interest rates for the careless and predator Corporate Trusts are just some of the hazards in the jungle of business tycoonery, through which IndustryPlayer CEO's must steer their empires. The goal is to build the most successful corporate Holding of 5 companies, manufacturing products to sell to fellow gamers. The imperative is to extract maximum profitability and wealth for the least expenditure within each level and finish with the highest accumulated wealth. There are 10 levels with 120 turns each. Gameplay is infinite, with the option to go back and start again to improve upon the previous cycle's financial performance and record a higher score. Key Features: > Turn Based Business Strategy Game based on real industry data > Coaching by In-Game Tutorial and Virtual Consultant > Intelligent Banking System and Credit Ratings > 225 Product Licenses divided in 16 Industry Sectors > Players can test Level 1 of 10 for free (Trial of Gold Version Features) > Real-time Trading (more than 80,000 registered players worldwide) > Full Accounting System (Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow,...) > Financial Performance Graphs (Sales, EBIT, ROI, Market Share,...) > Real-time Newsticker shows competitor's moves > Hostile Takeover of rival companies


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