IndustryPlayer - Virtual Economy Game

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Virtual Business - Real Success! Can you compete and succeed in this real-time business strategy game? You are the CEO of a global business running up to 5 companies. IndustryPlayer uses actual industry data allowing its worldwide players to simulate real business conditions in a real-time, interactive environment. You start with ten million dollars, and can choose from 225 product licences in 16 industry sectors. Manage raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods. As you progress through the 10 levels you will learn to deal with labour strikes, supply shortages, disasters, insurance, hostile takeovers and credit ratings, or get beaten by your competition. IndustryPlayer’s Gold Version gives access to many exciting features that make the simulation more realistic and enhances your control. The Licence Analyzer provides statistics on profitability, historical sales, current licence ratings, and return on equity. A comprehensive Business Graphs package charts your sales, costs, cash flow, equity, debt ratio, and profit margin. The Supply Agent fully automates the purchasing process, and selects the best offers for raw materials. In game chat makes it easy to hold private meetings with colleagues, and even chat with your opponents. You can join with other players to make trusts and benefit each other. The Accounting Upgrade provides comprehensive accounting tools, including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and material costs analysis. You can export your data to most spreadsheet programs for further analysis. IndustryPlayer is a game, a business and economic simulation and an educational tool, teaching the entrepreneurs of the future the skills and strategies required to succeed in the competitive world of big business. Will you succeed? Or will your business be swallowed up by the competition? Your success depends only on your management skills. Start your free trial now!


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