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With FREE Amal Teacher you can learn and play with your friends over the Internet ,accessing local and Internet trivia databases ,authoring local and Internet trivia database. With our software you are free to select the game to associate with your...

The heroic Green Army is back! And, this time, they are defending the skies from the evil Tan Army with a newly formed Helicopter Battalion.

Japanese Caribbean Poker

There is a legend which says about remote times when people believe in fairy tales, magicians and spirits. They said, very long ago a horrible sea serpent broke out of deep waters and begun sinking ships. People thought it had selfish ends it...

Jackpot Las Vegas Casino

Jackpot Las Vegas

Jackpot Las Vegas Online Casino & Sports book offers classic casino games to be played for fun or using real wagers. Download the free casino software or play over 20 classic casino games including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Keno, Slots...

SpexWorld! House

Aspex Software

SpexWorld! House is a great new Children's Educational Software from Aspex Software for simple 3D house design. Have lots of fun planning and designing the rooms in a house. You can design and furnish single or multiple room shapes or use Spex's...

3D MiniGolf Unlimited

Jean-Michel Martin de Santero

The Minigolf, an immensely popular game for one or two players, is a clever combination of luck and fun game that brings you hours of game on many predefined courses or your own created courses through the embedded 3D editor. The game is designed to...

Super Logic Game

AlphaCom, Inc.

A Mastermind clone. The computer chooses a digit code between 4 and 6. Your task is to guess the code by entering the numbers with the keypad. After you try to guess it, the game tells you how many of your selections exist in the code number and how...


Ping Pong Packet

1.- Description Historical puzzle of developed Chinese origin for Nokia Series 40 and 60 that J2ME contains with profile MIDP 2.0 and configuration CLDC 1.1. to see detail 2.- In that consists? It consists in seven geometric ways (a square, a...


Mark McIntyre

A Windows version of the classic game, Sokoban. The idea is to push all the colored boxes onto the X's. It's not always as easy as it looks. Soko features 355 brain-crunching puzzles and an included level editor. Soko also features a unique...


Warlock Studio

GUNNER2 may be a household name for you or a complete enigma. It all depends on whether you are a hardcore fan of indie-produced 3D shooters. If you are looking for an original non-mainstream 3D shooter software, Warlock Studio is your game...

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