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Super Pixel Drummer II Turbo

Fernando Dominguez Sarmiento

Outdrum your opponents! In SPDII Turbo you play Dazt, an Amateur drummer who enters a drum Championship. Play in several modes, as MEMORY MODES and BATTLE MODES versus several different opponents! Take the newspaper and buy yourself better drums!...

Natural Fawn Killers

Fiendish Games

Quake meets Dear Hunter in this schizophrenic firstperson shooter. When a host of cutesy critters comeface to face with an arsenal of ballistic firepower,NFK takes the noble sport of 'country pursuits' to anall-new, muck 'n' bullets level!

Hockey Statistics

Micah Gallant

This program allows up to 8 teams with 27 players eachto be kept track of with games played, goals, assists, penaltyminutes and points. You sort and print database for distribution. Also gather up to 80 of the top players in the league by points and...

Abashera - the 3D IQ game

Max Magnus Norman

It's a 3D first person IQ maze game. There are no guns, no weapons, no tedious bosses. You must rely on your intelligence to survive. There's no linear plot, you choose from session to session which mazes you want to explore. The missions vary: Kill...

Mix & Match Association

Senator Games Educational

Let your creativity be your guide as you create awesome gamesets for this special memory / concentration game! Match a picture of a dog to the sound of a dog barking! Or match English text to French Text. Song clip to album cover! The...

You will feel like you are somewhere in the East Absolutist's Mahjongg has four variants that make the game stand out among the others.Play Classic or Shuffle game, Word Mahjongg or Math Mahjongg. It's an endless game for the finite life.The main...


Ping Pong Packet

1.- Description Historical puzzle of developed Chinese origin for Nokia Series 40 and 60 that J2ME contains with profile MIDP 2.0 and configuration CLDC 1.1. to see detail 2.- In that consists? It consists in seven geometric ways (a square, a...

CheatBook (09/2004) - September 2004 - A Cheat-Code Tracker with Hints for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games. 55 PC Games, 19 Walktroughs for PC and 71 Console Cheats are represented in this new version from Strategy Games, Adventure...

MagicGames Collection

Agentix Software

Now ready for your download is the latest collection of games from Agentix Software. Called The Magic Games Collection, included are a variety of logic games that include Lines, Balls, Tetcolor, Logic Trainer, Combat Engineer and Beads. Implemented...

Super 888 Casino Lite

Cybergaming Inc.

Here are all of your favourite games all in one package. If you want more you even have the option of downloading extra games through the software. Just have fun or play for real it's your choice. Feeling lucky?

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