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Egor A. Vostryakov

NetTalk is a cool utility with a best possibilities to changing of texts and sounds messages between participants of local network or Internet and also publication news for general review. Simple interface, possibility to change and create skins and...

Power Favorites


Power Favorites (previously XBEL Bookmark Manager), is a bookmark manager for Windows that helps you organize and synchronize your bookmarks. It takes bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, merges them into one file, builds tags, and...

NetfingerFTP multilanguage

Z.Petrasovits Software Team

Browsing with an FTP cleint is always fascinating: we can navigate through the folders and files of a remote server as if they were on our own hard disks. You can simultaneously upload or download a maximum of 3 files or folders per server. While...

WinPool Free

Bob Waldie

Utility that enables Win 95 and Win 98 computers’ users on the network to connect to and use modems on the NT server - as if the modem was connected to the COM port on their computer. WinPool Free supports any Intel compatible PC Fax, remote access...

Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement - a cool little freeware program that automatically presses 'Connect' for you on the 'Connect To' dialog and supports auto-reconnect, plus MSN support and support for international versions of Windows. Now...

Call management can be broken down into three distinct areas: Incoming, During and After-Call. When an incoming call arrives do you contemplate whether or not you want to answer it? Wish you could block a frequent caller or send them a text...


Ravenmist Media

FindItNow crosses the power of a simultaneous search engine utility with a serious web browser for power users. You can search your favorite search engines from a list of over 120 simultaneously, so that you can find what you want more quickly a and...

Features like: Get html code from server without IE or NN, parse links from html document, send post or get requests to server, send TCP packets and receive answers and much more.


NetParadox, Inc.

The uniqueness of this tool is that it accesses the server just as the client would (for example via Network Neighborhood) and therefore it is more effective than most other tools available. QuantumRelay will send an alert if the name resolution...

NEBULA Evaluation

LINMOR Technologies

Try NEBULA Evaluation free for 30 days. LINMOR's NEBULA Performance Monitor suite empowers network professionals to proactively manage network performance and eliminate outages while reducing operating and capital expenditures. NEBULA Evaluation is...

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