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Elecard Codec SDK G4

Elecard Ltd.

WorkRoll Issue Tracker

Steve Schneider

WorkRoll is a web-based "issue tracker" that you install in less than five minutes on your JSP-enabled application server. Once installed, users connect to it through a web browser from anywhere on the internet (and the browser requires no plugins...

PDF In-The-Box ActiveX

Philippe Gendrot

PDF In-The-Box is an ActiveX control for creating PDF files programmatically. It writes native PDF format with no intermediate file. No third-party software needed. Your applications based on PDF In-The-Box can be freely deployed. No run-time...


Andrew Phillips

HexEdit is hex editor that is renowned for its intuitive interface and ability to quickly and reliably edit files of any size (over 4Gb). It has many options like: autofit, hex/decimal addresses, RO/RW, INS/OVR modes, easy font/size selection...

Advanced Graph and Chart Collection

Sirius Computer Consultants Limited Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

Add Powerful reporting features to your Web / Intranet pages and applications. With the advanced graphing package you will be quickly adding impressive dynamic charting capabilities bringing your data alive ! Powerful components provide both client...

hed.HexEd, Hex Editor

Paul Hoepping

A Fileviewer and Hex Editor for binary datas, for Intel Hex, Motorola S-Record, a binary Viewer and Converter.

MyUpdate Toolkit


The powerful software update utility designed for IT administrators and software developers to easily and quickly integrate update functionality into new and existing software products with minimal effort. Features: Custom logos and artwork...


PR-Tracker helps manage software development projects by tracking software bugs, action items, and change requests with problem reports. PR-Tracker runs on Windows 95/NT/98/2000 +Web Interface.



IssueTracker is a free/soon to be open-source light-weight bug/wishlist tracking system. Features include multi-user and network capability, as well as varying access groups, distinction between feature requests and projects, progress tracking, and...


Speciality Applications

requestXpress is a software development management tool that helps you track and manage change requests and bugs for your software projects. requestXpress consists of: - a Microsoft(R) SQL Server database - a Win 32 Client application, and -...

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