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EMS Data Generator 2005 for MySQL

EMS Database Management Solutions, Inc

EMS Data Generator for MySQL is a powerful utility for generating test data to several MySQL database tables at once. The wizard application allows you to define tables and fields for generating data, set value ranges, generate char fields by mask...

AHM System Components Triton 2000

Alexander Mehlhorn & Tritontools.Com

Collection of nearly 40 new Components for Delphi andC++Builder. This collection includes powerful components never seen before. It will truely speed up and cut in cost your development on any application for Windows.

Magnetic controls


Magnetic Controls is a collection of 100% native .NET framework managed controls written in C#. Collection allow developers to create high quality professional applications with cool design. Package contains Panel and GroupBox components with...

The ultimate tool for delivery software updates and patches for your applications. Patch Maker creates a very compressed and very secure executable patch/upgrade installation very easily. Compared to similar software, Patch Maker is by far the...

Data Service is more than data manager or data organization, it is data service perspective. It will be able to manage and organize your data service based on your requirements. It can be a logic data structure or a physics data structure; in other...


Paul Pleasant

Bug Logger, Display Setter, Shortcut Finder, Code Librarian, API Helper, Form Helper, Tab Changer, Tool Tip Setter, Code Documenter, Database Documenter, Find/Replace, Message Box Builder, GUID Creater, DB Connection Creater, Drive Mapper, ASCII...

eDocEngine VCL Pro

Gnostice Information Technologies

Gnostice eDocEngine is a comprehensive, generic, 100% VCL electronic document creation component suite for Borland® Delphi™ and Borland® C++Builder™. eDocEngine enables developers to deliver information from the applications they develop in over 20...

epAssist Developers Kit

Golden Crater Software

Create plugins for epAssist. Includes MicrosoftVisual C++ AppWizard to help create plugins.epAssist watches your email account for messagesdirected to it. It then parses the plain englishsentences and passes it the the plugins. Plugins canbe created...



Before ZZEE PHP GUI you were not able to run PHP files directly in GUI mode. If you wanted, for example, to develop a PHP script with a form for selecting some options, that manipulates files on your computer, this would become a non-trivial task....

DBSync for Firebird and MS SQL

DMSoft Technologies

DBSync for Firebird and MS SQL is a database synchronization tool which performs two-way conversion and synchronization from Firebird databases to MS SQL server and from MS SQL to Firebird. The tool is also applicable for MS SQL database...

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