Visual programming ide rad in title

Visual Server Monitor is a powerful application built to help you visually diagnose and monitor critical systems on your servers (local or remote) in...


Jose Torres

The systema allows easy tracking fopr one to many bank accounts / Permite controlar una o varias cuentas bancarias, conocer el saldo actual o futuro,...

Visual CONTA

LOGOSoft sistemas de gestion

Accounting system with multiple period capabilities. Very easy and customizable.


LOGOSoft sistemas de gestion

Easy accounting system, with no account or movement limits.


Wizard's Workshop

A Powerful Budget Program. Designed to aid people with their bill paying. Its fully functional, fast to use, and packed with things like Unlimited...

Visual programming ide rad in description


Xinox Software

Multi-Edit 2006

Multi Edit Software, Inc.

Multi-Edit 2006 (ME2k6) delivers. It is a powerful IDE, with its speed, depth, uncompromising access, and support for over 50 languages. Think it...

ASP Code Library

OverZone Software

benefits: 1. Built-ASP Code Library is a powerful multi-language source code Library with the following benefits: 1. Built- library with 1,000+ lines of...

Add Multi-Lingual switching capabilities to your applications and distribute your applications in multiple languages. There are two simple ways to...

MFC extension library that allows you to incorporate an advanced edit control into any MFC-based application.The Editor library implements the number...



Dolphin.) Producer:Yunus Programming Language (Yunus is the most intelligent creature of the ocean. Yunus means Dolphin.) Producer: Bagriyanik ...

EditorEnhancement is an add-in for Microsoft Visual C++. It adds a number of useful utilities and enhancements to Visual Studio IDE, which will help...

VB Magic


VB Magic is a replacement for the standard VB Project Explorer. It's a valuable enhancement for the Visual Basic IDE, providing the professional...


Chris Stefano

Have you ever wished to debug an XSL transformation with the features of a debugger like those in Microsoft's Visual Basic IDE? With the...

Visual Pardigm IDE for Java

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm Integrated Development Environment (VP-JIDE) is an integrated development environment for Java programmers/developers to...


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