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IndustryPlayer is an complex and challenging online business simulation game that makes it fun and exciting to engage in corporate competition. The goal of this turn-based business strategy game is to maximize your market share and wealth. IndustryPlayer uses actual industry data and allows its 80,000 worldwide players to simulate real business conditions in a real-time, interactive environment. Start with ten million dollars, and buy and run up to five companies. Choose from among 225 product licenses in 16 industry sectors. Before making your selection, you can see the purchase price, production capacity, market demand, and competitive profile. Manage raw materials, intermediate products, and finished goods. Learn to deal with takeovers, labor strikes, supply shortages, disasters, insurance, and credit ratings, or get beaten by your competition. IndustryPlayer's Gold Version gives you access to many exciting features that make the simulation more realistic, and enhance your control over your business options. The Gold Version's License Analyzer provides statistics on profitability, historical sales, current license ratings, and return on equity. The Business Graphs package lets you chart your sales, costs, cash flow, equity, debt ratio, and profit margin. The Materials Buying Agent fully automates the purchasing process, and selects the best offers. The Gold Version's Game Chat window makes it easy to hold private meetings with colleagues, and even chat with your opponents. The Accounting Upgrade provides comprehensive accounting tools, including a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and material costs analysis. Whether you're a business manager who wants to learn more about the marketplace before starting your own company, an entrepreneur who likes to relax with a challenging simulation, or a student who wants to learn more about the machinations of the free enterprise system, IndustryPlayer provides the solution.


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