21st Century Sailing Simulator

Simulation Games


Climb aboard a sailboat and take the helm for a realistic adventure in sailing. The view from the cockpit puts you as close to reality as you can get while still at your computer. Watch out, don't get seasick. 21st Century Sailing Simulator lets you control every aspects of your sailboat: rudder, mainsail, jib, and spinnaker. Tack and jibe just like the real thing. Watch the wind shifts and choose your point of sail toget maximum speed. Boat performance is shown on theGPS mounted on your control panel.When you've had some practice, try your hand atracing. Race against boats that are controlled by thecomputer, or race against other real people online ormodem to modem. You can choose a match or fleet race,choose the course and length, and set the windvariation. Great fun and definitely challenging.


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