Chart Wars 3

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Chart Wars 3 is the latest installment of the freeware music industry simulator. The game puts you in charge of your very own record company, you must hire bands, release and promote records,arrange tours and more, all whilst balancing the books, expanding your label and competing with intelligent computer opponents. Main features include :- * Image - now how your artist looks is just as important as how well they sing * Increased staff interaction - Your personnel now present you with scouting reports,image analysis results and even keep an eye on your artists for you * Events system - Artists now have a private life e.g an artist could start dating, years later they could get married,have kids etc or they could find themselves trapped in long battles with drink or drugs * Artists earn money from their careers which affect their choices.Can one of your artists top the rich list? * New visual features-Install photopacks and be able to see photos of your favourite stars in action

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