siGGisLT- GIS viewer



siGGisLT program is made for simple GIS(includes applets for internet/intranet/PC).With this program it is possible to join other programs or systems and monitor events (Secure of buildings,flood progress,simple GPS...)You can create own vector layers(e.g.:digitize imported orthofotomap-JPEG format,edit databases new layers)save they into *.sig (siGGis),*.dbf(DBase III)files change the properties for polygonal,line,point and text graphics: foreground fill and color,outLine,text,font,size,style.You can join a html document on active geoObject.You can export a view to a graphics file(output formats:*.wmf,*.emf) import orthofotomap-format JPEG.Attend to configuration applet's siGGisApplet and siGGisEvent(internet/intranet - don't require any action from server,don't need JDBC/ODBC interface).

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