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Use JVISION's automatically generated UML diagrams as a graphical browser to visualize and navigate through code in Visual Cafe. Then use the Documentor to create an instant web site of your diagrams integrated with JavaDoc

Golden Cafe Manager Server

Sphinx Microsystems Corp.

Our software provides you with daily gross income reports. In addition it tracks the amount of money each computer takes in, and generates detailed reports which enable you to monitor individual computer usage. It locks unused computers, supports...

Paint Shop Pro 5.01 & 5.03 AddOn. Make selection ofPicture Tubes in PSP 5.0x visual. Let users have up to 99 libraries with tubes. Can export and import ZIP-files with Tubes and takes care of the tube configuration within a few seconds. Add a popup...

A familiar ten key calculator for the office professional designed by a CPA. If you use a ten key desktop calculator, you will love myTenKey! Includes a sizable and realistic adding machine tape that can be printed, saved, or copied to your favorite...

Learn Chinese

Huang Yong

LEARN CHINESE 3.0 is the software that focuses on speaking and listening Chinese study. LEARN CHINESE 3.0 includes standard Mandarin Chinese of 1600 sentences, 1200 words and phrases as well as writhing demo of 500 commend used Chinese character....

Army BodyCalc

John Saunders

This is a body fat calculator that is in compliance with the US Army standard. Form printing capability is available for inkjet/deskjet printers - No laser printing is currently available. Performs calculations for both males and females. A must...

IntraSmart allows organizations to set up an Intranet in a short period of time. Our web site is Features Include: Easy to Use and Administer Totally Customizable Graphical User Interface Runs on Windows NT/2000, Linux, and...

Batch Replacer for MS Excel is an utility which helps to make a multi-replacement operations in MS Excel files with the help of the MS Excel list. It can really save a great deal of time: no need to open each file and make the replacement and then...

Business Reports

DynoTech Software

Compilation of How-To reports, time-saving tips, personal self-help, and money-saving ideas for small business owners.

Business Game Builder

Globalsoft Limited

Software for Corporate or Educational BusinessCourses. Allows quick and easy creation of Business Games; where decisions can be taken on Production, Marketing, Finance...etc. Full documentation and extensive Business Game included.

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