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Expense Tracker is a professional financial tracking application designed specifically to effectively manage your expenses. What makes Expense Tracker so popular is that it works wonderfully for your home or business accounting needs. Anyone who wants to improve their financial productivity should use Expense Tracker to maintain and understand their cash flow. Being able to track expenses helps in budgeting and forecasting (and we know how challenging this can be for people who are not accountants). Expense Tracker includes useful features that allow you to organize all of your expenses through an easy-to-use friendly interface. By keeping track of regular transactions, the Transaction Tracking feature will help you manage your expenses and do the forecasting for you. You can classify regular transactions according to Date, Type, Category, and Amount. We even included a handy Notes section for essential information! Expense reports are at times the hardest to compile when it comes to having lots of expense categories. With Expense Tracker, your reports will show the expenses grouped into three main sections: Type, Group and Category. Now, printing an expense report for a specific month or year can be done with a simple click on the Print button. In addition, you can export the reports to your own word processor or spreadsheet application for other tasks. The Category view allows you to maintain an organized transaction list by giving you the freedom to add, delete or rename categories. With Expense Tracker, a few simple clicks will enable you to keep accurate track of your periodic expenses and understand where your income goes. Expense Tracker can help you manage your expenses much more easily than the old pencil and paper method.

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