Tray Widget Pro

Shell and Desktop
System Tray Enhancers
  • Developer: Eckles Network Services
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  • License type: Commercial
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Adds convenient tools to your desktop's system tray and safeguards your critical processes from unwanted interruptions. This award winning desktop tool has features that other similar utilities simply lack. Its functions are accessible through a pair of tray icons with user definable context menus; these icons also provide visual display of your current settings. *Features Include: Complete Desktop Control, a Command Prompt Browser, Clear History function and a Quick Explorer icon used for exploring directly to any folder. *Screen Saver Functions include: Enable, Disable, Select, Configure, Run Now, and Suspend for 1-12 hours. Can also be set to Automatically Inhibit your screen saver while user-defined mission critical programs or disk utilities are running. *You may also add your own items to launch with command-line arguments from its context menu and more.

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