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InstantRecovery is a self-contained disaster recovery solution for PCs. The disk imaging software quickly performs a "physical disk" image backup of any hard drive or partition directly to CD-R/CD-RW, hard disk, removable drives, or tape drive. New version 3.1 also includes PCMCIA, USB and FireWire removable media device support, bringing a wide array of technologies together in one special package! InstantRecovery comes with advanced features for spanning media, software compression, data comparison and recovery. Backups created with InstantRecovery recover your system after a hard drive crash or similar failure where your data is lost. Fully restore your system without installing any of the original software or operating system! Just boot up from the InstantRecovery CD-ROM, insert the InstantRecovery image backup and InstantRecovery user diskette, and Presto! Everything is back exactly like you like it!

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