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Win difficult Microsoft FreeCell games in fewer tries and with 80% less effort. Win tough solitaire games more often with less work. Cards that can change position are marked with blue squares. Thus games can be won more often because the player can see all possible moves at a single glance making better strategy possible. Clicking on the lowest card marked with a blue square in a column will send that card and all the cards above it to different columns in the layout. When playing computerized FreeCell more than one card can be moved at a time based on the number of spaces in the tableau and number of empty cells. This concept of moving more than one card at a time is extended to games like Spider and is expanded to take into account the intermediate building of cards on columns which are not the target column. Columns can be swapped in order to get cards of the same suit together. If the mouse is already near the position you want a card to go, you can click below that position to move the card there. Clicking anywhere in the layout will deal the cards in the hand. Some unwinnable games are removed when playing Fortress, Flower Garden, and three-card Canfield. As a result these games can be won up to ten times more often than they are usually won. When playing La Belle Lucie and Intelligence the layout of the cards on the last redeal often makes it impossible to win thereby negating all the work done on the previous deals. To avoid this frustration all blocks to winning in the layout are removed on the last redeal. Cards which when built upon can be used to make a space or uncover face down cards are crucial in games like Spider and FreeCell. If not on the top of a tableau column, these cards are marked with an orange strip. You can find any card or set or cards you want by having them marked with a yellow strip. When playing Spider a table notifies you when all the ranks of a suit are available for possible removal.


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