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A security device which sits at the back of your computer (not physically, just software!) without making any noises or showing any messages. At a user defined time, PhoneHome will dial a telephone number of your choice,preferably your own telephone number or the number which the modem is dialing FROM! How will you hear the phone ring if you are using the line to dial out on (I hear you allsay!). The answer is, you won't and don't need to. This is where the idea comes in to it's own, if your computer gets stolen, then the odds are quite high that the thief will plug the modem in to the telephone line so that he/she canget on to the Internet (or at least somebody who gets hold of the PC will eventually plug it in). When this happens, then phone home will call the number you entered when you installed it, you will get the Caller ID of the calling party(In most countries, if you don't subscribe to caller, you can still dial a number to hear the last callers details) and notify the police of the situation.

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