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Bruce Willis Free Screensaver. Photos slideshow. Bruce Willis (born Walter Bruce Willis on March 19, 1955) is an American actor and singer. He went to New York to become an actor. He waited tables and tended bar for a living until he began to get...


Kraftig Data

This is a small yet powerful free utility to display aset of windows in cyclic manner. It is currently usedin a range of application, including networkmonitoring, stock market monitoring and newsmonitoring. In the current version, up to 10...


Marian Hubinsky

Angeliux:Binarix is multipurpose system utility. Concentrates many tools in one stay on top application with small footprint. Contains: cpu load info memory info calendar clock tape calculator with true 32bit base conversion (bin - dec -...

Vintage Trains and Locomotives Screensaver presents 50 steam and electric train and locomotive engines. These vintage steam and electric trains were in service in 1924, when these watercolor paintings of Railway Engines Around the World were...

Cartoon Fish

Galt Technology

Cute little cartoon fish swim across the screen in never-ending patterns.

Includes 5 wallpaper backgrounds for Windows. All pieces are Original and of the highest quality and are very cool looking. Made to be used in at least a 800x600 resolution and 24bit color.

Keanu Reeves Cult Screensaver

Cult of Celebrity

A screensaver devoted to Keanu Reeves. Features 16.7 million color graphics, translucency effects, with a very high frame rate!

Notes Float Cursors

Get Hep Productions

A collection of cool blue animated cursors. Animation done in over 20 frames add to the smooth jazz flavor.

Icon Collector Graphics Editor

Great Owl Software

Powerful 32-bit image editor designed specifically for use with icons, cursors, and thumbnail images. Features include support for multi-image editing, multi-level undo/redo, vast arsenal of tools (area, line, color picker, rectangle, ellipse...

800 x 600 wallpaper depicting the 1999 AuburnUniversity Marching Band. Shows a large, full colorimage of the band in uniform at Jordan-Hare Stadium.The image is to the right so that it does notinterfere visually with your desktop icons. For...

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