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Some of the most fascinating mysteries in life remain: the origin of mankind - the origin of the earth - is anybody else out there...? Our new screensaver caters to many people's wishes to see a screensaver about space, the universe and the tiny role we play in it. Flying on the tones of beautiful theatrical music we leave earth and explore the outer reaches of space, science, fact and fiction ... Be amazed by the highly detailed 3d models, impressive light effects, and a ten minute theatrical symphony, all captured in a next generation screensaver. The GizmoZone.com - Universe Screensaver is our biggest screensaver project to date. With it we hope to have introduced a new quality level. This screensaver is shareware, registration costs US$14.95 NOTE: This screensaver requires an OpenGL compatible videocard to run properly. Please test first, then register - not the other way around


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