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My Digital Movies focuses on organizing your movies regardless if it is old 8-mil, vhs, dvd, divx etc... Cataloging your movies is done in a snap with MDM, simply by typing the title and pressing save or even better using the ONLINE WIZARD (IMDB & Amazon) to download and add the information automatically! The ONLINE WIZARD takes advantage of the latest information available on internet and automatically downloads information such as director, producer, genre, actor lists, release dates, the cover images and much more... Saving you countless hours of typing! The built in LOAN MANAGER keeps track of every movie, who borrowed it, how long they have borrowed it, when it is due for return and much more... Want some way to have your lists in hardcopy paper? No Problems! With My Digital Movies you can export your movies in 6 diffrent ways including regular text files, html files, MS Word or why not to PDF!


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