Audio Librarian 98

Information Management
Video and Music Collection Managers


A powerful easy-to-use 32 bit audio cataloging program. The program can be used to catalog any type of audio media, cds, cassettes, albums, singles etc. Audio Librarian allows you to quickly organize your music collection and find it by artist, title, album, media, file number, category, or even chart number. Just select an order, type a few letters, and there it is! As well, if youd like more in-depth information (like 'Give me everyone who sings a song with LOVE in the title'), use the Query Wizard! Other major features include import/export, print a wide variety of reports, read compact disc song information directly (using your CD-ROM drive), associating WAV and image files (play a sample from the album, or store the album cover in GIF, JPG, BMP, PCX and other formats!), and cassette/compact disc label creation!


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