JukeItUp! Ecstasy Edition

Multimedia and Graphics
MPEG Audio Players and Editors


The Ultimate Media Playing Tool. Forget all these other MP3 utilities that offer playback, MP3 tag editing or audio CD ripping separately. If you want all these features in one package you will get them with JukeItUp! There’s more to this music utility than first meets the eye. Unlike other players it will catalogue your music collection making it easy to manage your music. Forgotten the name of a song but remember the artist? - well JukeItUp!’s ‘Song Finder’ feature will help you easily find tracks from your own large MP3 library. Want to convert an MP3 to a wav or edit your MP3 Tags easily? - JukeItUp! will do it for you. Want to random play tracks by genre, most played , least played or newest downloads? - JukeItUp! does it all. Now includes MP3 encoding right up to 320 Kbps in normal and Variable Bit Rate mode plus displays album covers for the songs you are playing. Also includes the essential Skin feature to create your own skins.


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