Chart Wars

Text Role Playing Games


# All new image feature - now how your artist looks is just as important as how well they sing - choose from images ranging from Rock Chick to Gothic to Girl Next Door # Increased staff interaction - Your personnel now present you with monthly scouting reports, image analysis results and even keep an eye on your artists for you! # Overhauled events system - things which happen to artists are now no longer one-off events, instead complex storylines can develop e.g. your artist could start dating, then years later they could get married, have kids etc or artists could find themselves trapped in career long battles with drink etc # Artists now generate personal wealth from their careers which affect the choices they make in the future - can you propel your unknown artist from the gutter to the top of the rich list? # New visual features - Install photopacks and be able to actually see photos of your favourite artists in action.


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