ProTrader (.Net client)

Stock and Portfolio Tools


ProTrader is a information and trading system, which allows to receive the latest information from the global financial markets, researching and analyzing it, and to perform trade operations in the mode of real time. The system provides a wide range of services to its customers, such as opening and closing positions, creation delayed orders of opening and closing of positions, the system of on-line alerts, information about quotations of the financial instruments, the technical analysis of charts, receiving financial news from different sources, etc. Having a lot of special features, the system is beneficially different from the similar ones. -Multiplatform support. Using the J2EE architecture allows to deploy the server on any platform. Most of the client applications can be also runs on different systems. -Multilanguage user interfaces. The system allows simple adding any new language to all user interfaces. The base version of the system supports English, Russian and Chinese languages. -Support of different data sources (Bloomberg, Tenfore, eSignal). The system has a flexible setting of any information stream. The data can be generated also. The information stream can be processed and transferred in the mode of real time. -Open XML-based interfaces. The system can be easily integrated with other systems. -Scalability. Because of having the cluster-based architecture, the system can process the number of requests which you need. This also guarantee the minimal time of response. -Security. The high level of security is ensured by encryption of all information streams by the advanced encryption algorithm. -Division of the users on the basis of roles. The system provides 4 roles of the user - the Trader, the Dealer, the Administrator and the Market Explorer. Each role has its specific settings and mission.


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