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How good is your punching power? Is it enough for knockout punches? Many athletes and martial arts ask theses questions, but there is no way to really measure it at home without an expensive equipment (Punching Power Meter). There are several elements that lead to power in punching. Speed or velocity is one of them. Multiply it by the mass of the arm and you have the power of the punch. So, speed is an important knockout punches factor. Scientists tried to measure the punching power of boxing world champion Ricky Hatton. Hatton's fastest effort was clocked in at 32mph (51km/h) - a left hook. His average punching speed was measured out at 25mph (40km/h). Now you can measure and compare your punching speed with Hatton's power! Our software Knockuter™ provides instant punching speed information that helps you to improve your speed. Download Knockouter™ and you will be able to systematically control your punching speed and estimate how variouse speed trainings methods affect on your punches. You will like Knockuter™ coz it's the ultimate punch control and training tool for martial artists and boxers at home.

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