Outpost 41

Action Games


This small game is kind of a mix of horror, action and adventure. It is technically 2D, but viewed from first person. For the best experience it should be played at night with lights turned off. Be warned that this game is not for the faint-hearted, since it can be very spooky and scary. The game supports a split screen mode, where 2 players can work cooperatively. "Outpost 41 is an outpost colony located on a distant planet. A Few days ago, an escape shuttle originating from outpost 41 landed on earth. Its crew had an urgent message: their outpost had been overrun by some kind of unknown, hostile life forms. Just before the alien infestation, the colonists had found some ancient, invaluable paintings from below the surface of the planet." "We are now sending in a four-member crew to recover those paintings. You will be in control of these men, watching over them from a control room. Your crew has cameras attached to their helmets so you will have a visual on what's going on. Make sure those paintings are brought back to earth!"


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