Exotic Armada 2

Action Games


Exotic Armada 2 offers some fast-paced spacecraft melee action for 1-4 players (on the same computer). The game isn't even meant to be innovative, rather just offering pure shooting fun in the spirit of games such as Star Control. As of version 1.5, there is a total of 56(!) different ships to choose from, each with unique graphics and armament, ranging from tiny scout vessels to huge battleships. You get to build a custom armada, then put it to use in a real-time combat arena. Team games are also supported, along with easy/hard AI players. In the beginning you only have 6 light ships available. The rest of the ships need to be unlocked by completing challenges, which are basically just matches versus an AI. As you complete challenges, you gradually unlock new ships while learning their strengths and weaknesses. You can also team up with a partner to complete the challenges together. If you're a fan of spacecraft melee type games, you should definitely try Exotic Armada 2.


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