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HiBase Task Scheduler is a new software environment for scheduling and executing tasks on your PC. It introduces a brand-new user experience and is designed to help you feel confident that your PC is able to complete a variety of tasks without your constant presence. A unique process scheduler provides for executing of tasks daily, weekly, monthly or on certain days at your specified time. One task can include a series of simultaneous or sequential actions. The visual organization of HiBase Task Scheduler helps you to focus on the content on the screen rather than on how to access it. With this program you can schedule a multitude of tasks in your own way. HiBase Task Scheduler is intended for optimization of diverse tasks which you complete everyday manually and which take your precious time. Without your presence this flexible scheduler is able to run and close applications, to process files (using Windows file associations), to switch off the computer (or stop the current user session, or switch to the hibernation mode), to show a note (a simple note or a request to continue or to stop a certain process), to copy, delete and move files (you specify the files list or set a file extension mask), to archive files (ZIP files support is built in), to work with Windows script host (JScript, VBScript) and batch files, to work with GUI interface and much more. HiBase Task Scheduler features a simple and user-friendly task wizard. You set up a new task in a step-by-step manner, which requires no special skills. A special feature of the program is that you can plan several parallel processes as one task (the task is completed when the longest of the processes is finished). Summing up the merits, an experienced user cannot but mention a convenient interface: all in one window – no need to scroll and switch between many windows.


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