Renex II



You play on a field of 10x10 cells by dropping items in the form of beautiful coral fish. From the three cells in the upper left corner you drag the items and drop them on the game field. After a combination of 5 identical items is built on the same line, the items do vanish to vacate the line for new items. Each time at your move you are to choose among three items. If dropping an item causes no line disappearance the remaining two items are distributed on the field at random. The game ends when the field has no vacant cells. The items dropped from time to time become 'animated' and float away from their cells. A floating item would randomly move over the game field until it stops and remains in a cell. Thus, the items on the field are being slowly mixed so the player is given a chance to find a way out of a deadlock situation (vice versa, a suddenly floated out item may spoil a semi-finished combination).

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