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Professional data recovery software is an essential tool for data recovery. It is proficient data recovery software which is usage highly efficient recovery tools for recovering deleted documents such as txt files, music files, zip files, graphic files, multi media files & many more items from corrupted or formatted partitions. This data recovery software easily perform recovery when the hard drive inaccessible due to virus & Trojans attacks, software & hardware malfunctions, power fluctuations & many more. This data recovery utility to recover data from any data storage media devices such as pen drive, zip drive, floppy drive, hard drive and many more. You can easily download the demo version of the data recovery software to check the capability and efficiency of the recovery software. With the demo version of data recovery software you can view recovered items in RED colors, but you cannot save the recovered items. If you want to save the recovered files then you have to purchase full version of our data recovery software. Our all data recovery software uses superior technique that provides easy data recovery solution. Data recovery software supports Windows OS (95, 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003, Vista & Windows 7). This data recovery software can successfully restore data from any hard drives damage by any of these reasons like: - * Hard Drive Formatting. * Master Boot Record (MBR) Damage. * Hard drive damaged due to water, flood and moisture. * Hard drive damaged due to virus attack. * Inaccessible hard disk drive. * Hard drive damaged due to lightning strikes. Software can successfully recover formatted data from hard drives damaged due to any of these reasons. Now, recovery software provides four recovery modes such as- 1) Desktop Recovery. 2) Raw Recovery. 3) Remote Recovery. 4) Image Recovery. Every recovery mode uses different recovery technique for providing reliable data recovery results.

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