1.- Description Historical puzzle of developed Chinese origin for Nokia Series 40 and 60 that J2ME contains with profile MIDP 2.0 and configuration CLDC 1.1. to see detail 2.- In that consists? It consists in seven geometric ways (a square, a parallelogram, five triangles - two big, two small and one medium -). It is used the seven geometric forms for forms different figures (you form geometric, fantastic silhouettes of animals, of buildings and characters, approximately they can be arrived to forms but of a thousand figures). 3.- What benefits does it contribute? The TANGRAM is used in pedagogy, psychology, design, philosophy and pedagogy. The first and more evident is the amusement, also: It stimulates the creativity, since give the opportunity to invent figures with their records. It facilitates the learning of the plane geometry for children. In mathematics help to carry out activities related with angles, distances, proportionality, likeness and movements. It promotes the development of the capacities movement and intellectuals. In way ludica, the TANGRAM contributes to the formation of the abstract devises. 4.- Versions Supporting version (gratuitous) with 5 figures to be armed. Version brass with 30 figures to be armed (it contributes obliged amount volunteer). Version silver with 100 figures to be armed, price €4 (Euro). Version gold with 250 figures to be armed, price €7 (Euro). Version diamond with 500 figures to be armed, price €10 (Euro).


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