SystemUp Undelete 2009

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Professional data recovery: Restores deleted files in seconds. SystemUp Undelete 2009 restores your accidentally deleted files, even if they are not located in the Windows Recycle Bin. Within a few seconds, SystemUp Undelete 2009 scans your NTFS and FAT-formatted disks and restores documents, programs, images, videos and many more. Search and find Thanks to comprehensive preview and search functions, you will find deleted files within seconds. And also for files that have not been deleted, InstantSearch provides a sensible supplement to the Windows file search. 10 convincing reasons for SystemUp Undelete 2009 Support for NTFS and FAT-formatted data mediums For hard disks, USB drives, CompactFlash, memory sticks, SD cards, etc. Display in clearly arranged Explorer tree structure Forecast for deleted files with information regarding the restorable data quantity Preview function for all important file types (Hex preview, images, multimedia, Office, PDF, HTML, C++, PHP etc.) Extensive search function (date, file type, size and much more) finds files within seconds Support for NTFS Alternate Data Streams Predefined filters for known data types (development tools, multimedia, Office, images, etc.) Highly optimized search algorithms for the best possible data recovery Unrestricted number of files per recovery process1. Erases files and directories

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