SystemUp Eraser 2009

Access Control Utilities


Secure deletion of files, directories or whole data mediums SystemUp Eraser erases sensitive data quickly and reliably in accordance with international security standards. Modern deletion procedures guarantee erasing your data without a trace. As a result, data recovery is not even possible in the laboratory. Signed deletion logs are used as proof in your corporate structure. First, erase and then sell: Erase your personal data with SystemUp Eraser 2009 prior to selling your data medium. The new owner will then not be able to restore the original data. 10 convincing reasons for SystemUp Eraser 2009: Erases files and directories Erases entire data mediums and partitions Erases files from the Recycle Bin Erases free memory space 5 deletion methods (simple overwriting, VSITR, DoD 5220.22-M E, Bruce Schneier, Gutmann) Definition of own deletion methods Signed deletion logs to proof and document deletion processes within the corporate structure Integration into the context menu of Windows Explorer Easy wizard-controlled operation Drag ´n Drop support

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