SystemUp Defrag 2009

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Professional hard disk acceleration and maximum performance for your data mediums SystemUp Defrag 2009 optimizes your hard disks, USB sticks, memory cards, etc. thanks to innovative defragmentation methods. The 3-zone optimization algorithm increases the access speed of your data mediums and protects them against refragmentation. A further 8 optimization methods enable specific optimization for special application purposes of your system. Prevention instead of interaction Whether it be in everyday office life, while gaming or in your spare time, the innovative options of the TuningSuite help you with a click to adjust your computer to the respective situation and requirements. The combination of 3-zone optimization and automatic background optimi- zation protects your system against refragmentation and thus consistently ensures ideal system performance. SystemUp Defrag is the ideal solution for the office, your spare time and gamer systems. 10 convincing reasons for SystemUp Defrag 2009 Innovative 3-zone optimization algorithm for optimal performance and prevention against refragmentation Nine optimization methods (3-zone optimization, quick optimization, optimizing by name/size/date of change/ access date/creation date, move data to beginning/end of disk) Background defragmentation with adaptive system utilization: Enables unnoticed defragmentation during work without straining your system Sequential and parallel optimization of data mediums and partitions Freely definable exception list of files which are supposed to be excluded from the optimization process Comprehensive task planning for a fully automatic defragmentation of data mediums with adjustable CPU utilization DefragGuard: Monitors your data mediums in the background and defragments automatically if the defragmentation degree is exceeded Appealing block view: Visualizes the status of the data medium and the defragmentation Execution for restricted user accounts

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