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OctopusCity is the only free downloadable contact manager with a synced up free online account. OctopusCity's business networking tools bring your address book to life. Its powerful calendar and task manager let you stay on top of your busy schedule. Save time with OctopusCity's full sync integration with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo and many other address book applications. It can be with you wherever you go, thanks to its wireless PDA sync capability. With value-added partner services like web meetings and teleconferencing, OctopusCity’s free CRM software enables you to stay connected like never before. Product Features Include: 1. Contact Manager 2. Calendar 3. Task Manager 4. Sync Integration with Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo 5. PDA Sync (Blackberry, Palm, Windows Smart Phones and PPC) 6. Business Networking 7. Messaging 8. and much more...


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