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The object of NumFun is to improve speed in solving basic math operations. With enough practice, the child is able to mentally solve larger math problems with ease.NumFun is an easy to use Math practicing program for children of all ages. The large colorful numbers allow the child to identify them in an instant. Once the options are selected, the child only needs to use the numeric keypad to enter the answers, and the Enter key moves to the next problem, if the answer is correct. If the answer is wrong, the child can re-enter the correct answer. If the child does not know the answer, he/she can click the Solve button to skip this problem and move on to the next. The object is to solve as many problems in as little time as possible.The range of numbers that the program uses is fully configurable, you can set the minimum and maximum numbers that the program should use. Start with low numbers and gradually increase the limit, as your child improves on speed. The range can be anywhere between 1 and 999(a great challenge for moms and dads too!).At the end of the session, you can view your child's progress. A report shows all the operations your child has completed, which ones were correctly answered, and the time spent between problems. There is an option to print this report. You can even copy the report to the Windows clipboard.


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