SystemUp Harddisk 2009

Information Management
Alarms and Reminders


SystemUp Harddisk 2009 monitors your local drives and gives detailed recommendations und performance reports regarding Health, Performance and Temperature of you drives. Using a special algorithm , SystemUp Harddisk is able to calculate a percentage value and detects failures before they happen. A fully customizable alarm system informs you about potential failures even if you are away from your pc. Early Diagnosis System SystemUp Harddisk 2009 diagnoses potential hardware failures and data loss before it happens and gives you a chance to backup data before they are lost. Activity - LEDS The Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget and also the integrated SystemUp Guard give you a quick overview about the health of your devices. All important parameters like Health, Performance and Temperature are shown. And because it´s often not possible to have a look at the drive leds, these small modules contain Activity LEDs which show you drive access. Flexible Alarm System The fully customizable Alarm System offers Sound- and Message Alarms, shutting down the computer automatically or to send an E-Mail with status information if a customizable threshold is reached. System Administrators will like the possibility to let SystemUp Harddisk launch any external URL or even PHP Script passing all status parameters, so that failure information could be stored to any databases. 10 reasons for SystemUp Harddisk 2009 -Diagnosis of S.M.A.R.T Values -Clear and detailed overview of all relevant parameters -Customizable Alarm System -Special algorithm to calculate percental values of Health and Performance based on a large growing database with reference data of other drives -Recommendations based on the current Health and Performance -UAC and Non-Admin compatible -Integrated Vista Sidebar Gadget with ActivityLEDs -Integrated SystemUp Guard with Activity LEDS -Supports all S.M.A.R.T capable devices which report ther S.M.A.R.T status to


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