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The Picture Organizer will easily organize pictures and images, and allow you to send and receive pictures and compressed packages of pictures by e-mail over the internet. Pictures are organized by albums and grouped by packages for sending and receiving. Pictures and Photos are easily located for adding to Photo Albums and Picture Packages. The Picture Organizer can search your disk or CD-Rom and display some of the major file types such as pictures, sounds, music, and videos. You can display, Edit, Copy, Print, and Send/Receive Pictures and Images over the Internet. Pictures can be viewed by clicking on the File Name, captured using Twain supported devices.Some of the functions included are:1. Search Disk or CD Rom for common files by file type (extension).2. View files in multiple window format.3. View Picture Thumbnails for a folder with picture selection by mouse click.4. Save files to another folder location or with a new file name.5. Print picture and image files with Titles.6. Send/Receive files over the Internet using windows MAPI control.7. Microsoft's Multi-Media player built in for MIDI, MP3, AVI, MPG, and MOV Files.8. Find all the MP3 files on your disk and play them.9. Load the program commonly used to create or maintain the file.10. Many Picture File Editing functions as cut and paste, rotate, reverse, flip, brightness, contrast,color control.11. Add Text and Shapes to pictures.12. Edit sections of a pictures in addition to the whole picture.13. Cut and paste sections of Picture to another Picture.14. Digital Camera and Scanner Twain Support.15. Create Photo Albums of Pictures and classify by group within an album.16. Create Packages of Pictures for sending and receiving in Zip Files by E-Mail from the Picture Organizer.17. Organize thousands of pictures with descriptions and Comments that can be selected to a package for sending and receiving.18. Viewing and print capabilities for Photo Albums and Picture Packages.19. Get and View Pictures over the Internet.20. Slide Show by Photo Album with many transitional features with music played in background (WAV,MIDI,MP3 Files).21. Windows Explore like interface with Thumbnails and several Icon sizes for locating pictures.22. Copy all the Pictures in a Photo Album to CD-Rom, Zip Disk, or another Folder.23. The Picture Organizer is fully tested for use under Windows 98 with Pentium Class microprocessor.24. Must have 25 Megabytes of free disk space, best to have at least 64 Mb of RAM, and Pentium microprocessor.25. Run or click on PictFile.exe with Windows Explorer, and the downloaded file will uncompress and install the Picture Organizer.Supported file types include: BMP, JPG, EMF, WMF, ICO, CUR, WAV, MID, RMI, AVI, MPG, MOV, MP3, TIF, PCX, PNG, PSD, TGA, CUT, PCD, FPX, PBM, RAS, MAC, DXF, XPM, CLP, ANI, DOC, TXT, BAT, SYS, and INI. Free 60 Day Trial, then Password Required after Registration to reactivate the program.

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