Photo Media Universe - Network Edition

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Have enough of learning how to work with new programm structure ? Have enough of complicated new programm interfaces ? Unlike other programs, Photo Media Universe is completely integrated in Windows Explorer. You don't have to start it , it is a part of your operating system. It allows you to order your images in any conveivable way using virtual folders (categories).It supports pictures from a number of sources, such as network computers, CDs, digital cameras, USB devices, etc. The virtual folders (categories) allow you to add one file to many categories, as well as files from different folders to the same category. Media Universe automates picture downloading and orders the images automatically in the Photo Archive by the date when each photo was taken. Searchable notes and cover images can be added to all files and objects. The user manager allows you to organize your photos by user and even track disk loans. You can send selected images automatically per email and browse large folders conveniently with the page navigator. Printing is as easy as with the Windows Printing Wizard for any selection of images.Media Universe is most powerful in network mode, when several computers use a central database.


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