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  • Developer: Lanmax Computer Solutions Inc.
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Primary Features of PhotoNeat - multiple images on pages ready for printing. - rows and columns of images with inter-image spacing. - invisible border for spacing. - optional filenames as a caption. - optional shadows for each image. - optional border for each image. - work in inches or centimeters. - optional user Watermark or "PROOF" banner. - optional binding gutter on alternating sides. - user selected background of variable opacity. - multiple ranges of page numbers can be printed from different folders. - all output in JPEG format. - multiple configurations can be saved. - Previews in Photoshop of first image or first full page. Specifications of PhotoNeat 1) Windows 2000 and Windows XP supported now, Vista to be tested. 2) PhotoNeat does not support Apple operating systems. 3) PhotoNeat must be able to find and execute Photoshop CS2 or Photoshop CS3. 4) PhotoNeat accepts JPEG images only as input and produces JPEG images as the pages. 5) All images are accepted in filename order from a single folder or directory. Multiple ranges of pages can be produced from different folders through page number control. 6) Images are arranged in rows and columns from 1 x 1 to N x M where N and M are controlled simply by the size of the page. 7) The rows and columns can be laid out in down or across order. 8) Shadows are optional and can be adjusted for opacity. 9) Image borders are optional and the width can be adjusted in pixels. 10) Image Watermarks can be the term "PROOF" in the center or on either side vertically. Or, the Watermark can be a used-defined text with embossing. 11) The fonts used for captions and page numbers is user-defined. 12) A user-defined inter-image gap can be set. 13) A user-defined margin or page border can be defined. 14) A user-defined background JPEG can be set but must be as large as the output page. The background opacity can be adjusted. 15) The starting page and ending page number can be set.


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