Drag-and-Drop Objects (DDOBJ)



Draggable/Tooltip Objects can be applied to any events in order to trigger their functionality, and may contain custom HTML content encompassing tables, text styles, lists, images, etc. Included with DDOBJ are the instructions on incorporating this simple to use DHTML component into your static/dynamic Web pages. Detailed instructions explain the basic implementation of HTML for modifying the appearance of DDOBJ windows with custom template layouts (skins). An example Web page is included to demonstrate the use of DDOBJ. Spruce up your Web pages in no time! DDOBJ has been tested and is compatible with early versions of Netscape and current popular Web browsers including: Microsoft Internet Explorer Netscape 6+ Netscape Communicator 4.xx Mozilla-based browsers (eg. Firefox) Opera Safari (Mac) Konqueror (Linux) and possibly others This script is currently in use in various applications including online systems implementing interactive help, online courseware, and Websites using inline pop-ups, tooltips and drag-and-drop windows. Examples of use: Tooltips :: appearing over any hyperlinked content including images and text for verbose information. Drag-and-drop windows :: Multiple placeable window objects when lookup or reference is necessary. Pop-up windows :: Advertise effectively against pop-up blockers, less annoyance to visitors by means of inline windows (layers).


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