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Top Dictionary 2003 is ahead of its time! The most flexible dictionary software ever, it is actually a professional user level package comprised of three programs in one: (1) Top Dictionary 2003 - a personalized dictionary to look up any word or up to 50 character phrase with its definition in your database, (2) Table Editor - to add, delete or edit words, phrases or definitions, and (3) Translator - to translate words or phrases in both directions from your native language to/from another foreign language using one main or multiple personalized dictionaries. Translator will even “Follow Selection” by highlighting the translated word in “Source Text” to its translated meaning in the “Translated Text.” Also, it will “Show Definition” of the word meaning listed in Top Dictionary 2003 with a click of the mouse! Each of the three programs works independently or seamlessly together. Combined they are one powerful reference tool and language translator. Furthermore, you can copy and paste any word or definition into other word processing or database programs, such as Office XP or WordPerfect. So if you need a computerized dictionary with so many built-in features that will permit you to do virtually any thinkable dictionary type function, try the trial version today. You won’t be disappointed!


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