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AcroSoft Corporation Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm), Filing, Imaging, & Distributed Objects software, provides the document imaging and information 'object' management and organizational software you need to achieve productivity improvement and eliminate information congestion by easily gathering, indexing, filing, and retrieving information in a timely fashion. As your 32 bit 'Working Platform', Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) uses a File Cabinet and Folder metaphor allowing you to create unlimited cabinets that can contain unlimited folders which can hold unlimited 'objects'. 'Objects' can be paper, photos, or any PC based file such as word processing, spreadsheets, text files etc.. 'Objects'can be located and placed on a local basis or over a wide area network. Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) lets you load your information through direct scanning, object importing & object creating (without leaving your 'working platform') and you can label or index your information using long filenames. Your information can be exported or moved from tne folder (or cabinet) to another using simple Drag and Drop operations. Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) provides you with object, folder and/or cabinet security that can be enacted at your discretion using your passwords. Virtual F.I.D.O. provides 'object' search capabilities by title, date, mediatype, or keyword. Each created folder contains a 'comments' log and individual objects within a folder can be notated with 'comments' also. As your 32 bit 'Working Platform', Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) runs under WIN 95 or WIN NT 4.0 and optionally uses any black & white or color TWAIN compliant scanner. Objects can be stored on hard disk, or any removable media such as ZIP(tm)or JAZ(tm) disks. Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) features Auto Import functions which allow the user to receive and store 'objects' automatically (and simultaneously) in cabinets and folder(s) of choice. This includes PC, fax, or downloaded Internet objects. Virtual F.I.D.O.(tm) is also International Date compatible.

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