ES Power Keeper

Personal Info Managers


Using ES Power Keeper to * browse internet, collect, organize and share information you find online, * manage all kinds of files, pictures, messages and documents in your storage device, * filter important emails and clean spams, * protect personal intellectual captial and form your valuable knowledage base for career, * enter and manage detailed contact information with ease, * get control of your time and life, and keep track of hours performed for a certain project or customer, and more value-added tools and features in a single slim application... With ES Power Keeper, organizing, memorizing, and utilizing vast amount of information will never be overwhelming, plugging in and working anywhere with no compromise between function and mobilization is possible. ES Power Keeper is A "Must Have" software in your mobile storage device, A superb tool designed for smart broadband user, And is definitely A much better solution than so-called "desktop search" in the long run.

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