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Remora (rĕm´ere) : warmwater fishes of the family Echeneidae, characterized by an oval sucking disk on the top of the head. With this apparatus the remora, or suckerfish, attaches itself to sharks, swordfishes, drums, marlins, and sea turtles. In this way it travels without effort... Remora USB Quick Launch is a small tool for installing onto the root directory of your USB drive. You can store My Favorites To Go and create Shorcuts To Go for files, documents and folders which are opened frequently . You can also use it to find and run a file in your USB driver easily by using the built-in scan function . With Remora USB Quick Launch, access to files on your USB drive is much easier, in fact, almost effortless. Main features (1) Create File Shortcut To Go for executable files, Office documents, graphics, music ... in your USB driver. (2) Create Folder Shortcut To Go for folders in your USB driver. (3) Create My Favorites To Go, or your portable internet bookmarks. Adding a description to bookmark is supported. (4) Click the popup menu in tray icon to launch files in your mobile disk quickly. (5) Support file existence checking and URL checking when updating shortcut to database. (6) Find file and run file without opening Window File Manager. (7) Comprehensive database maintenance with support for removal of invalid shortcuts and bookmarks.

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