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(1) offers powerful capture capabilities - it works with local and online documents(2) offers the ability to work with not just text, but also graphics and rich formatted text(4) handy lists of emoticons/smileys for chat programs(5) valuable lists of English words with usage examples(6) contains a superb built-in rich text editor(7) is a stable application with support from a reliable company(8) provides storage for an almost unlimited number of items(9) has an attractive, easy to understand interface with customization options(10) offers an updates free-for-life policy. This program is beneficial for everyone but even more so for people who don't have a English language background. Actully, We won't collect thousands of smiling icons from internet and sale you the effort. We are providing you an efficient tool with both powerful capture and paste capabilities. By using CoolP, you can add hundreds of images to your icon bank yourself with just one drag'n'drop within a few seconds. All you have to worry about is storage space. It is our goal to help you "Paste cool and Collect ultracool".

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