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Advanced Maillist Verify (AMV) is a program that verifies the validity of e-mail addresses in databases, address books and mailing lists. Now that's not just a standalone program - it can be easily integrated into existing systems using open...

MSGViewer Pro is a powerful viewer and file manager for .msg and .eml messages. View, search and print email messages without Outlook. Reply to emails or forward emails using your default email client. MsgViewer Pro lets you extract file...

Web Form SPAM Protection

ArcticLine Software

Owners of web sites which have forms (for example, forms used to send messages, feedback or support) frequently have a problem that they receive a lot of SPAM emails, sent via these forms. Specific routines (form spiders) search the Internet for...



An application that resides in the system tray and checks for new e-mail in a single or multiple POP3 mail accounts. Any new e-mail is automatically *retrieved* to the user's computer by All-Mail. The user is *notified* of the arrival of the new...

Bounce Bully


Bounce spam messages back to the spammers who sent them, making them think your email address is invalid. This may encourage some spammers to remove you from their spam lists. Punish spammers by sending a "hit" to there website that does not produce...


Carlos Pires

Mail client (SMTP/POP3) small(700k) and fast(all in'C') for 95/98/NT/2000. It supports MIME, msgs filtering, XX/UUencoded file transfer, external or internal editor with spell check, RTF, drag & drop, etc. The interactive mode for POP3 message's...

Spam Blackout

Heidi Computers Limited

Blocks Spam from your Inbox. Spam Blackout is safe and easy-to-use. Powerful Spam Filtering Engine. Works with Any Email Client Program e.g. Ms Outlook etc. Can interface with your Anti-Virus Scanner. Downloads from Hotmail, POP3 & IMAP. Spam...

Black Box Mail

BlackBox Software

Internet email client that can send email anonymouslyand can also send anonymously to news groups.Includes the loading and saving of profile 'IDs'.Attachments are supported. Includes a simple address book.

Paraben's Network E-mail Examiner

Paraben Corporation

With Network E-mail Examiner, you can now thoroughly examine a variety of network e-mail archives. No longer will you have to be stuck in a long and painstaking restore process. View one or all individual e-mail accounts in information store....

OST Viewer

Nucleus Data Recovery

Free OST viewer tool to help you view OST files easily without connecting to MS Exchange Server. Administrators often face the heat of the situation when they have to look out for some important data in OST. Unfortunately, there is no such software...

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