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  • Developer: Caelo Software Inc.
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  • License type: Commercial
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Automatically organizes your e-mail messages intouseful categories, saves time and provides easy accessto the information in your e-mail messages. For thosewho get a lot of e-mail, keep a lot of e-mail messagesor just don’t want to lose track of a message, NelsonOrganizer saves time and eases the frustration ofdealing with your e-mail. Nelson Organizer is acompanion application for Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000that automatically organizes e-mail messages. NelsonOrganizer offers users a new way to use their e-mailby highlighting new messages and importantcorrespondents, automatically separating spam e-mailand intuitively sorting and filing all messages.Unique new indexing technology allows each message toappear in multiple locations, without requiring usersto make additional copies. Use any of 8 distinctviews to see messages sorted in convenient ways thatrepresent how people think about correspondence.Nelson Organizer ­ a better place for your e-mail.


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