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Take-1 consists of four groups of integrated tools: HTML Editor with side by side WYSIWYG view, Image Editor for creating, composing, processing images with powerful yet easy to use tools, Image Optimizer with on-the-fly comparison in web view, and Global File Management to command local and remote files under one tree list. This unique design of integrating editing tools with remote access allows you to instantly access and edit html pages, images, and organize your files anywhere on the net. If you are a Webmaster, Web Artist, or Web Programmer, your can do your work from anywhere in the world. Take-1 also provides comprehensive File and Project management tools so you can open source file in multiple formats, find, compress, backup, and restore your files, as well as a collection of supporting tools for working on the Internet, such as local and remote file preview, E-mail, FTP, and downloading web sites. It also offers transparent Remote Access so you can edit server files instead of having to manually FTP download, edit, and then re-upload it. It supports simultaneous multiple FTP connections. Other Internet features, such as HTTP Upload and Download, Telnet, and Trace Route are also included for your convenience.


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