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FreeWish instantly turns your PC or notebook into a social website, publish your personal photo, music, video, bookmark, web page, document automatically, whether they are just a few or in thousands; Host your own bloggers and invite friends come over for blogging, make your own online diary, journal, and forums; A web-based user interface is provided for your website’s directory browsing and contents management; The public portion of the website can be wrapped as an ebook and burned into a CD or DVD for permanent storage and offline browse; You can further define access groups to regulate who can access what contents. Good for working group and sharing environment; Content loading is simple, just specify the location of the folder holding the contents in your local hard drive and designate the type of the contents, then click a button to start an automatic publishing process, boom, all the contents are mapped into your website; Advanced users can assembly their own pages and templates, and define the cascade style sheet info of a page as well as the embedded components in the page.

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