Document Studio View

Imaging and OCR Tools


View is the search and retrieval module of the Document Studio 2001 system. Document Studio 2001 is the brand new document imaging and management system from ARIOX.COM. This technology will allow you to capture “scan” any kind of paper document using any TWAIN compatible scanner, classify this document into an existing document class and associate any kind of information to the document using index fields, so the document can be easily retrieved and viewed at a later time. With Document Studio 2001 you can say goodbye for ever to the paper files, storing rooms with wasted space and excessive dust and other characteristics of the typical filing room. A recent survey showed that employees in the USA waste around 30% of their time just searching for documents, decreasing the productivity of the employee during working hours. Document Studio 2001 will bring your documents instantly, a click-away from your information. With Document Studio 2001 you create your own digital file that can be easily accessed or browsed at your own Windows desktop. Imagine how Document Studio 2001 can simplify your daily work. Having your documents in a digital format means: no damage to your original documents, no searching, no wasted time, no allergies, better use of the time and more.


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